IDC Customer Spotlight: Optimizing IT with Milestone Services

Apr 19, 2017 | Milestone | Managed Services, Industry
IDC Customer Spotlight: Optimizing IT with Milestone Services

Growing technology organizations often learn quickly that outsourcing their IT is a logical means of shifting time and money away from ancillary IT maintenance and back to core competencies. To alleviate skill gaps and complete short-term projects efficiently, many companies turn to staff augmentation to supplement their capabilities. However, as projects scale, businesses may require a robust IT support system that extends beyond the capabilities of a staff augmentation model. Today, many of the world’s technology leaders rely on managed services providers (MSPs) to provide and oversee IT resources capable of adapting to their company’s unique needs and culture – all within a transparent, economical cost structure.  

Find out how a rapidly growing business benefitted from the transition to managed IT services by reading the IDC Customer Spotlight: Social Networking Company Optimizes IT Service with Outsourced Milestone Services. In this case study, an eminent social networking company explains the continual benefits of their MSP engagement, including:

  • Enhanced innovation and service quality
  • Scalability in accordance with rapidly changing scope
  • Skilled and efficient personnel
  • Increased focus on core competencies


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