Chico Gets Statewide Economic Development Honor

By Milestone April 17, 2014
Chico have been honored by the California Association for Local Economic Development for economic development.

Milestone Technologies is a Proud Sponsor of the Sierra Nevada Innovation Challenge 2014

By Milestone March 31, 2014
Milestone Technologies, Inc. (Milestone) is proud to announce that it is a co-sponsor of the 3rd Annual Sierra Nevada Innovation Challenge 2014.

Milestone Technologies Expands its Silicon Valley-based Service Desk Offering to Meet the IT Needs of Small-to-Medium Businesses

By Milestone March 24, 2014
Milestone is expanding its Service Desk offering, based in Silicon Valley, to assist small-to-medium businesses meet their IT requirements.

Milestone CEO Wins Innovation Award for Executive of the Year

By Milestone December 5, 2013
Milestone founder and CEO Prem Chand received the coveted Innovation Award for Executive of the Year from Innovate North State.

Milestone CEO Finalist for 2013 Innovation Award Executive of The Year

By Milestone November 25, 2013
Prem Chand is a finalist for Executive of the Year and Milestone is a finalist for Business Expansion of the Year.

Editorial: Huge Employer Great for County

By Milestone November 2, 2013
After years of cutbacks, downsizing and closures in the local economy, the news about Milestone is something to celebrate.

Milestone Technologies on KRCR

By Milestone October 28, 2013
Milestone was featured on KRCR for its expansion in Chico, CA.

Milestone Technologies in Chico to Expand Workforce

By Milestone October 26, 2013
Milestone launched call center training for its first 100 employees this week, and announced plans to enlarge the Chico operation ahead of schedule.

Milestone Technologies Adds 110 Jobs to Chico Contact Center

By Milestone October 25, 2013
Milestone announces that it is adding another 110 jobs for the company’s new Client Contact Center, scheduled to go live in early November.

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