California-based Milestone Technologies Expands into Arizona

By Milestone June 27, 2018
Arizona Governor Doug Ducey and leading managed service provider (MSP) Milestone Technologies, Inc. announced today the company’s plans to create 100 new jobs in Arizona over the next nine months.

Job Growth Looking Brighter for North State

By Milestone January 14, 2016
In previous years, economist Robert Eyler has summed up the North State economy and various sectors as struggling and flat lined, with dabs of positive news.

Driving Big Data Systems for Optimum Velocity of Communications Systems

By Milestone November 17, 2015
According to IBM’s 2014 analytics study based on its survey of more than 1,000 businesses worldwide, the value driver for big data has shifted from volume to velocity.

H.I.G. Capital Announces Strategic Investment in Milestone Technologies

By Milestone August 11, 2015
H.I.G. Capital Announces Strategic Investment in Milestone Technologies

Milestone Technologies - A Sumo Logic Customer Profile

By Milestone May 12, 2014
Sumo Logic is helping Milestone discover performance and service anomalies so that issues don't have to become problems.

Q&A: Milestone Technologies Founder Prem Chand

By Milestone April 25, 2014
Prem Chand, founder and CEO of Milestone, got interested in logistics as a youth operating tractors and working the Chico farmland owned by his parents.

Chico Gets Statewide Economic Development Honor

By Milestone April 17, 2014
Chico have been honored by the California Association for Local Economic Development for economic development.

Milestone Technologies is a Proud Sponsor of the Sierra Nevada Innovation Challenge 2014

By Milestone March 31, 2014
Milestone Technologies, Inc. (Milestone) is proud to announce that it is a co-sponsor of the 3rd Annual Sierra Nevada Innovation Challenge 2014.

Editorial: Huge Employer Great for County

By Milestone November 2, 2013
After years of cutbacks, downsizing and closures in the local economy, the news about Milestone is something to celebrate.

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